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Defining Performance in Every Environment

Increase Equipment Performance and Service Life with Proven Protective Coatings

A leader in corrosion prevention, Heresite Protective Coatings have been utilized for decades to provide lasting protection for coils and other components in a variety of applications that face exposure to corrosive environments.

Coastal, Marine and Offshore Environments

Heavy Manufacturing

Wastewater Treatment Plants


Chemical Plants

Meat & Dairy Processing

Swimming Pools


Our Latest Blogs

Top 3 Benefits of Water-Based Coatings

Over the past few decades, there have been ongoing improvements in water-based coating technology, formulation, and application techniques. These coatings have evolved to be more sophisticated, providing enhanced performance characteristics, durability, and environmental benefits. As a result, water-based coatings are now commonly preferred for coating HVAC units when they meet the requirements.

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Caring for Coils

Coils are where the magic happens in HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) units. They are typically made of metal, and they either cool your space by absorbing heat from the indoor air or they produce heated air to warm up the area. This exchange is what makes your indoor temperature to your liking.

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