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Defining Performance in Every Environment

Increase Equipment Performance and Service Life with Proven Protective Coatings

A leader in corrosion prevention, Heresite Protective Coatings have been utilized for decades to provide lasting protection for coils and other components in a variety of applications that face exposure to corrosive environments.

Coastal, Marine and Offshore Environments

Heavy Manufacturing

Wastewater Treatment Plants


Chemical Plants

Meat & Dairy Processing

Swimming Pools


Our Latest Blogs

Why You Should Use a High-Quality HVAC Coating

There are many worthwhile advantages to using a superior coating on your HVAC system. These coatings maximize your heating and cooling equipment’s performance, durability, and effectiveness. Think of it as a wise and necessary investment for your HVAC machinery.

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Top 3 Benefits of Water-Based Coatings

Over the past few decades, there have been ongoing improvements in water-based coating technology, formulation, and application techniques. These coatings have evolved to be more sophisticated, providing enhanced performance characteristics, durability, and environmental benefits. As a result, water-based coatings are now commonly preferred for coating HVAC units when they meet the requirements.

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