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Heresite Protective Coating Products

Man Coating Metal with Brush

Founded in 1935, Heresite has a long history of developing protective coating products for HVAC-R condenser and evaporator coils and units operating in the most demanding, corrosive environments. In the nearly 100 years since our founder’s original research, Heresite has continued to evolve its formulas for air-cured, chemical-cured, baked epoxy, and phenolic coatings.

Today, Heresite protective coating products include HVAC-R & radiator protective coatings, industrial baked phenolics, and HVAC-R functional topcoats. Our products have been resistance tested against hundreds of chemicals and in the harshest marine and salt air environments. Depending on their intended application, specific products have been tested against cyclic marine weather, static salt spray, acidic salt spray, bend test, adhesion, thermal efficiency impact, and over 600 corrosive chemicals.

Baked phenolic and epoxy modified baked phenolic products protect against corrosive chemicals and elements. In heat transfer equipment, baked phenolic epoxy coatings effectively control corrosion with minimal reduction in heat transfer efficiency. Our P-413 coating was the first HVAC-R Coil/Radiator coating to meet the ISO 12944-9 (formerly ISO 20340) standard and is the only phenolic-epoxy for HVAC-R coils approved for NSF/ANSI 51 rating.

Heresite protective coatings can be applied to oversize HVAC coils and units up to our largest oven size – 55 feet long x 11 ½ feet tall and 10 ½ feet wide at our facility. Our overhead cranes can lift up to 60,000 pounds.

Air-Dry Coatings »

Heresite HVAC protective coating products have been shown to extend the life of HVAC-R and other heat transfer equipment. They provide superior corrosion resistance in the harshest environments, including C4, C5, CX and extreme marine environments.

Baked Phenolics »

Heresite baked phenolic coatings are designed for a wide range of pH environments, including highly acidic environments. They are used for protection in a variety of industries, including coating container linings, tank linings, fans, blowers, duct work, exhaust hoods, pipes, and pumps.