HereShield (WB-506) Water-based Air-dry Coating

HereShield LogoHeresite HereShield is a low-VOC direct to metal coating that was developed as a higher performing alternative to VR-514. It exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, UV resistance and weathering qualities, along with good adhesion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals without complex pretreatment or primers. HereShield offers excellent durability and salt fog performance. Additional benefits include good adhesion, good film building characteristics, and flexibility. This single component coating is typically applied on the internal and external surfaces of HVAC-R heat exchangers and related equipment. HereShield is specially formulated for marine/saltwater environments. It is splash resistant to a range of acids and inorganic salts.


  • Heat transfer equipment and components


  • Marine/salt air environments


  • Spray


  • Gray (as seen in photo)

Sample test data

  • Cyclic offshore testing: ISO 12944-9 /ISO 20340: 25 weeks (4,200 hours)
  • Static salt spray: ASTM B-117: 15,000+ hours
  • Humidity: ASTM D2247: 4,000+ hours
  • Bend test: ASTM D522: 1/8 inch (3.0 mm) mandrel with no cracks or delamination
  • Crosshatch Adhesion: ASTM D-3359: 5B
  • Impact Resistance: DSTM D-2794-93: Direct – 50 inch-pounds (0.58 kilograms/meter), Indirect – 50 inch-pounds (0.58 kilograms/meter)