Chemical Resistance Guide

Heresite Protective Coatings are continuously being tested in a wide range of service conditions. This document is updated as new information becomes available.

Heresite continues to be a leader in chemical resistance testing of our products. We will perform numerous tests on our coatings. The most demanding test performed is for immersion services. We also test for fume, splash, and other environmental conditions.Within this guide, you will find which service is most appropriate for the coating. Additional information on each coating’s resistance is achieved through the coating’s history in actual service environments.

Temperature and concentration data are not necessarily the maximum operating conditions. They are the temperature and concentrations at which the specified coating system has been tested. The coating system may be suitable for higher temperatures and different concentrations but additional information or testing would be required.

If your condition or substance  is not among the ones listed contact Heresite Protective Coatings for assistance. We will be pleased to discuss your protective coating needs and to conduct tests to determine the effectiveness of our coatings in your specific service environment.

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