VR-514 Air Dry Phenolic

VR-514 is a thin film, air dry phenolic with excellent resistance to corrosive fume atmospheres and is particularly good in marine and salt air environments. VR-514 coatings are easy to apply and exhibit superior durability, excellent adhesion and good flexibility.

This primer-finish combination coating was recently reformulated for improved application properties and offers excellent durability, good adhesion with simple cleaning, good film building characteristics and flexibility. VR-514 is also perfect for smaller repair jobs on larger commercial rooftop units or a small residential do-it-yourself coil coating application.

VR-514 is available in an aerosol version (VR-514T) for those smaller “touch up” jobs such as Solder Joints, Finned Tube coil touch up, Fans, Duct Work, Copper Tubing and other maintenance projects.

VR514T VR554T-1 spray


  • Finned tube coils
  • HVAC/R equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • As a general maintenance coating


  • Marine and coastal applications as well as offshore
  • Moderate to the most severely corrosive environments
  • Combined marine/industrial environments


  • Brush
  • Spray
  • Flood
  • Roller


  • Red
  • Brown
  • Grey (offered under product code VR-506)
  • Black (offered under product code VR-502)

Sample test data

  • Salt spray: ASTM B-117: Passes 2,000 hours as primer-finish. Passes 3,000 hours with UC-5500 series topcoat.
  • Bend test: ASTM-D522: Passes ½ inch mandrel
  • Thermal conductivity: <1% for finned tube coil applications
  • Food contact: Meets FDA 175.300 for indirect food contact