Heresite top coat spray products enhance the protective qualities of P-413 Baked Phenolic Epoxy and other Heresite coating products. The benefits of our polyurethane and hydrophilic coatings include reduced water carryover and UV protection.

Why use Heresite topcoats?

Heresite topcoats are formulated specifically for use with other Heresite coating products. Heresite’s UC-5500 has been proven to maintain its protective integrity after 1,500 hours of UV exposure, while HL-300 provides hydrophilic properties that reduce water carryover, even in marine salt air environments.

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Products We Offer

UC-5500 is formulated as a higher gloss coating and as a top coat for other Heresite Coatings.

HL-300 is a topcoat that reduces the contact angle of water exposed to the surface.