Industrial baked phenolic coatings are one of the most reliable coating systems available. With decades of proven reliability, Heresite baked phenolic industrial coatings provide protection in extreme chemical or immersion environments.

Why use Heresite industrial baked phenolics?

Heresite baked phenolic coatings have been the industry standard for decades. Baked phenolics resist an extensive list of chemicals including 98% sulfuric acid, formaldehyde, and other acids. Beyond HVAC-R equipment, Heresite’s baked phenolic industrial coatings are used to protect rail cars, process pipes, and storage tanks. The immersion coating protection can be applied to items up to the size of a semi-trailer at our location in Manitowoc, Wis.

Advantages of Heresite industrial baked phenolics

• Tested against 600+ chemicals
• Provides anti-corrosion protection in a wide variety of pH environments
• Decades of proven reliability in real-world applications

Products We Offer

P-403L high bake phenolic has been the industry standard for decades for the storage and transport of chemicals in rail cars and ISO/storage tanks.

L-66L is a phenolic coating generally used as a top coat over P-403L when a high gloss finish with good release properties is needed. Top coat for P-403L Coating.

EP-6379 is resistant to a wide range of pH environments found in fume control devices including acids, alkaline, salts and water.