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Air-Dry Coatings

Man Spraying Coils

Heresite offers several HVAC protective coating products to extend the life of HVAC-R and other heat transfer equipment. We constantly evolve the chemistry of our coil coating products to provide superior HVAC coil corrosion protection in a thin, flexible film.

Why use Heresite protective coatings?

When placed in harsh environments, HVAC-R coils are susceptible to environmental damage, which shortens the life of the unit. Heresite protective coatings have been extensively tested for corrosion resistance. Our coating products for HVAC-R and Radiators have been shown to extend the life of HVAC-R equipment used in a wide variety of environments and industries including:
• Marine environments
• Swimming pools
• Wastewater treatment
• Urban/industrial
• Agriculture
• Food processing
• Transit
• Pharmaceutical
• Refineries
• And other harsh environments

See our case studies to learn more about the real-world results of using Heresite coatings.

Advantages of Heresite anti-corrosion coatings

• Thin, flexible film
• Ideal for heat transfer
• Protection against humidity, saltwater, and chemicals

Products We Offer

HereShield (WB-506)
Water-based Air-dry Coating

Heresite HereShield is a low-VOC direct to metal coating. It exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, UV resistance and weathering qualities, along with good adhesion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals without complex pretreatment or primers

High-Performance Epoxy-Silane

Heresite ES-606 is a high-performance spray-applied coating used to protect heat transfer equipment and components – including, but not limited to, coils, cabinets, and copper piping.

Air Dry Phenolic

VR-514 is a thin film, air dry phenolic with excellent resistance to corrosive fume atmospheres and is particularly good in marine and salt air environments.


UC-5500 is formulated as a higher gloss coating and as a top coat for other Heresite Coatings.