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After 2.5 year exposure test, Heresite’s P-413 panels show no signs of wear

To further expand on Heresite’s expansive chemical resistance guide, P-413 coated steel, copper, and aluminum panels were placed in a municipal wastewater treatment facility to simulate sewage fumes. Panels were placed at the point where raw sewage is pumped into the facility and screened; this results in significant hydrogen sulfide exposure, one of the harshest environments within a wastewater treatment facility.

After 2.5 years, Heresite’s P-413 panels showed no signs of wear or degradation.

Panels were left exposed in the wastewater treatment environment for over 2.5 years with minimal rinsing of the panels. This lengthy and harsh environment exposure text demonstrates results that can provide a high level of confidence in addition to the cyclic tests already conducted on P-413.

After 2.5 years, panels were removed and evaluated for appearance, adhesion to metal, as well as overall degradation. Heresite’s P-413 panels were easily rinsed revealing the initial glossy finish with no degradation. Adhesion was not impacted. Bare metal in this environment was rusted and flaked easily. Therefore Heresite’s P-413 is a dramatic improvement over bare metal for this harsh environment.

As a leader in chemically resistant HVAC coatings, Heresite is committed to continuous evaluation of its coatings to support our customer’s growing and demanding industries. If you have questions about this test or selecting the coating that is recommended for your environment, please give us a call.

P-413 steel hydrogen sulfide exposure test resultsP-413 aluminum hydrogen sulfide exposure test results
P-413 copper hydrogen sulfide exposure test results