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Why Protect Your HVAC’s Copper Pipes?

It’s like walking outside for miles during a blizzard in a coat with no boots, hat, or gloves. You will end up frostbitten and in trouble. Total protection is critical. The same goes for your HVAC unit. Many owners have their HVAC coils coated to extend the unit’s life, but

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What you need to know about ISO Corrosivity Categories

Corrosion testing on HVAC coatings can be conducted according to a number of standards, including ASTM-B117, ISO 9227, ISO 12944-6, and ISO 20340. Of these tests, the one we believe represents actual service environments most closely is ISO 12944-9 (formerly ISO 20340) vs. the more common ASTM B-117. ISO classifies

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Heresite’s P-413 Approved for NSF/ANSI 51 Rating

Heresite, a leader in the development of thin film corrosion resistant coatings, has now become the only company with a NSF/ANSI 51: Food Equipment Materials rated phenolic-epoxy for HVAC-R coils. The NSF rating establishes that Heresite’s P-413 coating has been shown to meet the requirements for materials and finishes used

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Are you getting the HVAC-R coating you expect?

For over 80 years, Heresite coatings have been used to protect HVAC-R equipment in the harshest environments. We’re proud of our history, and we’re proud to continue to offer products like P-413, which recently met the demanding offshore marine requirements of ISO 20340.  These are tested, proven, real-world results. Unfortunately,

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Heat Transfer Test Results for Heresite’s P-413

Heat transfer is an important consideration when selecting a protective coating for HVAC-R condensers or evaporators. A protective coating, when applied properly, can extend the life of HVAC-R coils by preventing corrosion with negligible impact on heat transfer. In 2017, we participated in a wind tunnel test for our P-413

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