Studies show ASTM-B117 salt spray test does not correlate to real-world environments

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In 1995, The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) published a paper that concluded, “It is obvious that ASTM-B117 Salt Spray (Fog) Testing and similar methods offered a rapid but unreliable means for predicting coating behavior.”  For the 20+ years since that paper was published, the ASTM B-117 salt spray procedure has continued to be tested […]

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ASTM B-117 vs. ISO 20340/ISO 12944-9 – what’s the difference?

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ASTM B-117 was the first nationally recognized salt spray standard. Published in 1939, this salt spray test is widespread and often recognized as the “gold standard” in corrosion testing. However, ISO 20340 offers a more realistic and updated method of testing, representing a significant improvement over ASTM B-117. When the ASTM B-117 test is conducted, […]

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