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Caring for Coils

Man in hard hat dipping coilCoils are where the magic happens in HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) units. They are typically made of metal, and they either cool your space by absorbing heat from the indoor air or they produce heated air to warm up the area. This exchange is what makes your indoor temperature to your liking.

With such an important role directly related to the comfort of where you work and live, extending the life of your HVAC-R unit’s coils helps get the most out of your equipment. How can you lengthen the life of your coils? Read on to learn about our top six ways to get the most bang for your buck from your coils.

  • Implement Regular Maintenance 
    Think of it like an oil change for your car. Schedule routine maintenance checks by a qualified technician to inspect and clean your coils. An additional benefit of regular upkeep is catching potential problems early.
  • Protect your Coils
    Installing protective grilles or barriers around the coils is a great way to avoid accidental damage from objects, people, and animals. By adding this security, you are also helping to make sure your unit runs efficiently and potentially extending its life.
  • De-Clutter the Area
    Maintain a clutter-free space around HVAC-R units. Less is best, so avoid storing anything near it or letting debris (think leaves, weeds, random outdoor toys) accumulate near the unit. This can hinder airflow and cause coil damage.
  • Upgrade your Filters
    You get what you pay for. HVAC-R filters are a good example. Investing in high-quality air filters not only captures particles, but dirty filters can cause coils to become coated with dust and debris and can reduce heat transfer and output. A good filter can reduce strain on the coils by letting the air flow properly to and through the unit.
  • Replace Aging Units
    When replacement coils for your old unit get tricky to find and are more costly than newer versions, it may be time to consider replacing your unit with an up-to-date, more economical system.
  • Coat your Coils
    Environmental weathering can be significantly lessened by applying protective HVAC-R coatings to the coils and components of your equipment, protecting them against corrosion and buildup. These coatings can extend the life of the coils and improve their efficiency.

For over 80 years, Heresite has continued to evolve our protective coil coatings to meet the most demanding operating conditions, including marine, pool, wastewater treatment, urban, agriculture, food processing, transit, and mining operating environments. From our newest product, ES-600 high-performance epoxy-silane, to our most tested product, P-413, there is a Heresite coating for your environment, which will extend the life of the coils in your HVAC-R units, improve their productivity, and make sure your system operates successfully for years to come.

Contact us to see which one of our coatings suits your HVAC-R’s coil’s needs the best. We are here to help extend the life of your units!

 Protective HVAC-R coil coatings can extend the life of:

  • Condenser coils
  • Finned tube coils
  • Refrigeration coils
  • Evaporators and other HVAC-R components, including fans, blowers, fume hoods, dampers, louvers, grills, duct work, and piping.