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Three Questions to Ask When Coating Oversized HVAC-R Units or Coils

Coating extremely large HVAC-R units or coils can be difficult. Their size (both dimensions and weight) makes the units/coils difficult to move and many coating applicators find it difficult to thoroughly apply coatings to protect them from corrosive elements. A large HVAC-R unit/coil is clearly a big investment, which makes the need to apply protective coatings and preserve its lifespan even more critical.

When planning for the protective coating of a very large HVAC-R unit or coil, three important questions should be asked to ensure the coating selected will be applied properly and provide the best possible protection.

1. What is the largest size unit or coil the applicator can handle?

When selecting a coating applicator, be sure to ask about the dimensions of the unit or coil the applicator can handle. In addition, be sure to ask about lift capacity. If an applicator lifts equipment with a forklift and does not have access to overhead cranes, their ability to safely move the unit will be compromised and their size capabilities will be limited. For example, at Heresite, we can accept any HVAC-R rooftop units or coils that legally fit on a semi (including oversize loads).

We can coat units or coils up to our largest oven size – 55 feet long by 11 ½ feet tall and 10 ½ feet wide. Plus, we have overhead cranes that can lift up to 60,000 pounds.

2. Where will the units/coils be stored during the time it is at the applicator’s facility?

Although many coating applicators will accept very large HVAC-R units or coils, storage is often outside because it is not possible to move the units inside their facility. The units can be exposed to the elements before, during, and after the coating process, which leads to opportunities for a less than perfect application.

3. Is the coating specifically designed for HVAC-R units and HVAC-R coils?

There are several coating manufacturers and even more coating applicator facilities. To be sure the coating applied to your HVAC-R unit/coil is the best possible choice for your environment, select a vendor who is knowledgeable in both selecting coatings for your particular application and ideally also handles the application process. There are challenges in coating HVAC-R units and coils including multi-metals (coppers, aluminum, galvanized) and ensuring the coating does not impair the heat transfer properties of the coil, so it is important to select coatings specifically designed for HVAC-R coil applications.

At Heresite, our team includes chemists and application experts that work together to solve your toughest corrosion problems. We have a strong R&D background and we conduct extensive testing on our coatings, so we can help you choose the most appropriate coating and application method for your environment. We’re here to help.