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Heresite’s ES-600 meets ISO 12944-9 (formerly ISO 20340) Standard

ES-600 offers high performance and spray application

Manitowoc, Wis. – Heresite’s ES-600, a high-performance epoxy-silane specially designed to provide superior performance in demanding environments, has successfully me the ISO 12944-9 Cyclic Offshore Test protocol. The ISO 12944-9 (formerly ISO 20340 test) for C5-X environments cycles the coating between salt spray, UV radiation, and temperature shocks for 25 weeks (4,200 hours). ES-600 has been fully tested on aluminum, copper, and galvanized and has been found to deliver an unsurpassed direct-to-metal performance with just cleaning. No primers are needed.

ES-600 is designed to be a robust spray-applied alternative to Heresite’s full immersion p-413 Baked Phenolic Epoxy, a thin film, high performance coating principally used for coil and radiator heat exchangers. ES-600 is designed for use as a standalone spray for coils, cabinets, and components (e.g. copper piping) or for use with Heresite’s P-413 full immersion coil coating on components which cannot be oven-cured.

ES-600 debuted at the 2019 AHR expo. Additional tests performed on ES-600 include ASTM B-117: Passes 5,000 hours, QUV ASTM D4587: Passes 5,000+ hours, and Water Resistance by Controlled Condensation ASTM D4585: passes 5,000+ hours.

About Heresite Protective Coatings

Established in 1935, Heresite Protective Coatings has spent more than 80 years developing and perfecting protective coatings that solve corrosion problems in a variety of applications including commercial heating, cooling, refrigeration or other industrial process coils, as well as components that are regularly exposed to corrosive conditions, including coastal and marine environments. The company’s ongoing focus on technology leadership, rigorous quality and process control, and customer satisfaction has led to the development of multiple industry-leading coatings based on phenolic, epoxy phenolic, urethane and silicone chemistries. Heresite coatings not only provide protection in corrosive high salinity marine conditions, but industrial applications such as wastewater treatment, swimming pools, food processing, mining, oil and gas, semi-conductor production, pulp and paper, textile factories and other environments where these systems are exposed to chemical fumes. For more information visit or call 800-558-7747.