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Heresite P-413: Your First Line of Defense in Combating The Cost of Corrosion in Heat Transfer Equipment

Corrosion can be costly, as evidenced by the one-half trillion dollar price tag incurred yearly by consumers and companies alike – roughly 3% of the US annual GDP. Preventing corrosion would seem to be an obvious solution to avoiding these enormous costs, but how? The answer – specifically for heat transfer equipment – is provided by Heresite Protective Coating P-413.

Understanding Corrosion:

In order to combat corrosion, it is important to first understand how it occurs. Common Corrosion in its’ most simplistic form is a natural two-step process that requires three things: a metallic surface, an electrolyte (moisture agent), and oxygen, which then result in a chemical reaction that can rapidly degrade the useful properties of HVAC materials and structures including their strength, appearance, and permeability to liquids and gases. In addition to Common Corrosion (H2O +O2) environments, heat exchange equipment is often under attack in ever more complicated corrosive environs such as those referred to as Environmental (corrosive conditions where sea salt and seawater are present) and/or Chemical (corrosive conditions where the presence of man-made chemicals contribute to corrosion such as water treatment, food processing, and rendering facilities). In each corrosive scenario, whether Common, Environmental, or Chemical, a durable and reliable barrier between the agent and the conductor (metal) would be an ideal and cost-effective solution to the problem. Heresite Protective Coatings has created the solution: Heresite Protective Coating P-413.

Combating Corrosion:

The effort to combat corrosion in heat exchange equipment essentially comes down to two options: Utilizing Corrosion Resistant Materials or the use of Coatings. The first option – Corrosion Resistant Materials – seems a likely answer; however, these types of materials such as stainless steel, copper, and nickel are poor heat conductors and as such are not ideal for use in heat transfer equipment. Coatings, specifically Heresite P-413, allow the consumer to utilize highly rated heat conducting materials in their HVAC build while ensuring a durable, flexible and reliable barrier between the heat exchange equipment and the corrosive agents intent on attack.

Heat Exchange Insurance: Heresite P-413:

Corrosion Exists Everywhere. This simple fact is one both HVAC and coating professionals agree on and it is also what has driven Heresite Protective Coatings to create Heresite P-413, the industry’s most effective and tested first line of defense against corrosion in heat exchange equipment.

Founded in 1935, Heresite Protective Coatings has been the industry leader in the field of phenolic resins for almost 90 years, serving their customers with not only a superior product, but also a mission to provide “total performance” based on three key components: research and development leadership, rigorous quality and process control testing, and a complete focus on customer satisfaction.

Heresite P-413 Baked Phenolic Epoxy is the industry’s most effective and reliable high-performance coating for coil and radiator heat exchangers and other air and fume handling equipment, as proven by rigorous industry testing. P-413 is the first HVAC-R coil and radiator coating to meet the ISO 12944-9 (formerly ISO 20340) Standard for severe offshore marine environments, and is the only phenolic-epoxy for HVAC-R coils approved for NSF/ANSI 51 rating (for complete listing of P-413 standard, cyclic and field test results referenced to marine environments, please contact Heresite).

In addition to marine and salt air environments, P-413 has proven effective when exposed to an extensive variety of high and low pH corrosive and chemical fumes and condensate, making it the industry ideal for chemically challenging HVAC environments (for a full listing of chemicals testing, please contact Heresite).

Whatever costly corrosive environment your HVAC system will encounter, Heresite P-413 high-performance coating solution has been developed and tested to meet your challenge. Our long-standing reputation for quality products and superior service is important to us, and the corrosion resistance of Heresite P-413 is an insurance policy we highly recommend that will cut the cost of corrosion by significantly extending the life of your HVAC-R and other heat transfer equipment. Call us today! We look forward to helping you combat the cost of corrosion with Heresite P-413.