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Why Protect Your HVAC’s Copper Pipes?

corrosion on uncoated copper pipe HVAC unitIt’s like walking outside for miles during a blizzard in a coat with no boots, hat, or gloves. You will end up frostbitten and in trouble. Total protection is critical. The same goes for your HVAC unit. Many owners have their HVAC coils coated to extend the unit’s life, but the coils are only some of what needs protecting.

HVAC equipment is made of various metals, which react to environmental conditions in different ways. Unfortunately, extensive corrosion of unprotected copper pipes (especially around the copper joints – think unions and elbows) is quite common.

But, when copper pipes have a protective coating, the unit is shielded against harsh environmental settings, like extreme heat or cold, high elevation, humidity, dust, dirt, salt, and seawater.

What about that massive piece of equipment you need to have coated?

No worries. At Heresite, we can coat units as big as a flatbed semi-truck!

Let’s Take it One Step Further

What’s the surefire way to protect copper pipes and extend your HVAC’s life? Coat the entire piece of equipment. Different metal connections make for weak points for corrosion protection and contribute to early unit deterioration. Some may think coating a whole HVAC unit is over the top, but it’s a lot less expensive than replacing the unit when it fails earlier than it should.

If coating the entire unit isn’t in the cards, be sure to safeguard your HVAC’s coils and copper pipes with a protective coating. It will help your equipment resist environmental damage and help the unit function at its maximum capacity for much longer.

We know there are a lot of options out there when it comes to protective coatings, but the good news is we are here to answer any coating questions you may have! Call us at (920)-684-6646, check out our website, or send us your question, and we will be in touch.